Vegetarianism and veganism are a steady global trend in health and medicine.
It is scientifically proven that with the transition to a plant-based diet, people get sick less and feel better.
But if the disease does occur, it is important to find a specialist who will treat you with style and lifestyle.
The i-MED Center bases its techniques precisely on changes in the patient's diet and lifestyle. The doctors and staff at the center support plant nutrition. So if you are a vegan or vegetarian, need qualified health care or plan to switch to this type of diet, we will be happy to help.

Our doctors with many years of vegetarianism or vegan experience will advise you, appoint the necessary examination and treatment that takes into account the absence of animal products (except the threat to the life and health of the patient), as well as the prevention of certain diseases.

Also, our doctors are ready to help you make the transition to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle properly, without compromising health, to provide nutrition recommendations, make a diet, monitor your health, give advice and share personal experiences.

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Costs and time of diagnosis
Complex diagnostics (expert doctor) - 1725 UAH
Complex diagnostics (doctor of category 1) - 1500 UAH
Complex diagnostics (doctor of the 2nd category) - 1200 UAH
Duration 2-2,5 hours

During the first diagnosis, you can undergo a treatment session on the machine with a 50% discount
Complex diagnostics + correction (expert doctor) - 2125 UAH
Complex diagnostics + correction (doctor of category 1) - 1900 UAH
Complex diagnostics + correction (doctor of category 2) - 1500 UAH
Duration 2-3 hours
Steps of diagnosis
Step 1. Meeting and survey
Any diagnosis in our centre begins with a thorough study of the patient's complaints, information about his health since birth, data on past medical treatment requests, as well as an analysis of his lifestyle (nutrition, exercise activity, quality of sleep, stress). load, occupation, etc.)
Step 2. Signal measurement
With the help of the high-sensitivity sensor of the device the doctor removes a signal. It is absolutely not painful.
The computer program digitizes it and gives out over 300 different markers that the doctor needs to analyze further.
Step 3. Data analysis and doctor's recommendations
The doctor decrypts all the health data in detail, explains the indicators and answers the questions.
An important point is the interconnection of organs and systems. Our task is to find out the real cause of the disease and to offer a complex to eliminate it, not to suppress the symptoms.
Step 4. Correction or re-visit to secure results
Depending on the results of the examination, the doctor will draw up a plan of follow-up and prescribe the appointment: safe and environmentally friendly drugs of natural origin, a set of procedures or corrections.
For a lasting result, your doctor will prescribe a correction session (treatment with the unit) and a repeat visit to track the dynamics and effectiveness of the treatment.
What is complex diagnostics?
The doctor carefully examines the status of such organs and systems as:
brain and spinal cord
endocrine system
respiratory system
stomach and pancreas
cardiovascular system
lymphatic system

spine and joints

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