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For Whom?

For All!
Speleotherapy sessions have no contraindications or side effects.
All who regularly visit Salt rooms are less likely to have colds and respiratory illnesses, and feel more energized.

Just 45 minutes of games and cartoons in the salt room is a great prevention of colds for the child. Immunity becomes stronger and less susceptible to pathogens.
Allergists and asthmatics
The unique advantages of the salt is to excrete toxins and allergens, reduce or eliminate all such allergy symptoms as: cough, runny nose, rashes, relieve asthma attacks.
All who work hard
The atmosphere of the salt room relaxes, calms the nervous system and lets body to regain strength.

Features of our salt room

What is the difference between our salt room and the rest, located in fitness centers, clinics and hotels?
halogen generator
Spraying salt microparticles with a powerful halogenator increases the healing effect of salt by 10 times.
Individual approach
You can choose a convenient time for visit - from 10am till 7pm, save money with a purchase of a season ticket, as well as choose your level of concentration of salt aerosol (based on recommendation of a doctor).
Cozy room
We have prepared comfortable lounge chairs, seaside effect, relaxing music and color therapy - you can choose the color you want.
You will be comfortable. We provide shoe covers to wear during the therapy.
Child zone
We do love our little Clients - they have never seen such a huge sandbox with salt!
And playing with salt is fun and safe.
Doctor consultation
Our centre is constantly attended by qualified doctors. They will always be able to advise you on any questions.
WiFi in the room
You can work, watch movies, shop online, or socialize during a session. You can use mobile devices and tablets, but please refrain from phone conversations and talking.

What is the effect of visiting a salt room?

Based on our patients' feedback and results, we can say that:
Colds will stop bothering you
Sessions in a salt room strengthen the immunity and serve as an excellent prevention of colds without drugs and medicines. But even if you get sick in the midst of the cold, the cold goes on without complications - it's proven by the experience of hundreds of our patients
Reduction of cough, runny nose, allergies ....
.... bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis and other diseases will not often bother you. Salt disinfects everything around, the environment in the salt room is almost sterile - no germs and viruses survive in it. In the acute and chronic period, salt will accelerate recovery - calm the cough, soften breathing and expectoration. Also, the salt has a healing effect on the skin - it improves complexion, reduces itching, eruptions.
You will become calm, confident, get rid of fatigue and insomnia
In a salt room immediately the body receives a command - relax!
For a pleasant relaxing music, the eyes close themselves.
It is so important that the body regains strength, is oxygenated and rid of toxins, external stimuli.
As a result, pressure is normalized, mood and sleep are improved. Babies also become calmer.

Salt therapy
A salt therapy session runs for 45 minutes.
Вoost your mood, clear your stuffy nose, and give your skin a healthy glow.
A pleasant atmosphere and relaxing music will help you to relax and have a session in comfort. Choose a convenient option for you - one-time visit or a course of sessions.


(with an adult in category Mother+Baby)
Therapy Sessions
Please arrive 15 minutes before your the session for registration

09am - 9:45am (Mon.-Sat.)
10am -10:45am (Mon.-Sat.)
11am -11:45am (Mon.-Sat.)
12pm -12:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
13pm -13:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
14pm -14:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
15pm - 15:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
16pm -16:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
17pm -17:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
18pm -18:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)
19pm -19:45pm (Mon.-Sat.)

Booking is required!

We are delighted to accept your reservation by telephone:
+38 (068) 508-45-45
+38 (063) 508-45-45

STANDART - 1400 uah
(1 adult, 10 therapy sessions)

MOTHER+BABY - 1400 uah
(1 adult and 1 child under 6 years, 10 therapy sessions)

SPECIAL - 1200 uah
(for schoolchildren, students, pensioners, clients of i-Med medical center, 10 therapy sessions)

One-time visit
- 150 uah

1 therapy sessions = 45 min

Therapist consultation
450 uah

Rent a salt room for massage, events and consultations
from 200 uah per hour

Rent a salt room for a family
(up to 6 people)
1 therapy session (45 minute)
300 uah

Why are sessions in our salt room effective?

Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive.

Away from the hustles and bustles of the city life, and immerse yourself completely in the dimly lit and relaxing salt room. The result is not only optimization of respiration, and therefore cellular function, but also reduction of tissue inflammation and immune system enhancement.
Alexander Lutsenko
Chief Medical Officer. Candidate of Medical Science.
Реєстрація на сеанс у соляну кімнату
Адміністратор зателефонує та уточнить деталі візиту
*Ваші дані ніколи не будуть передані 3-м особам
Working hours:
Centre I-MED
Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: вихідний

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