The Holistic and Integrative Medical Centre I-Med in Kyiv with naturopathic healthcare and disciplines, including lifestyle and nutritional advice, to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

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About us
I-Med was founded in Kyiv in 2016 by a team of people who believe: being healthy is everyone's natural state! Innovations in medicine and comprehensive approach - that's what attracted the founders of the center when it was created. I-Med is equipped with hightech software and hardware diagnostic systems that allow capture data and help the doctor determine the condition of the whole body.

All specialists are highly educated doctors, experienced in holistic, integrative medicine, naturopathy and certified in their field.

Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on prevention and looking for the root causes of a patient's health concerns, rather than just treating the symptoms.

We have a medical license issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

VEGAN Friendly medical centre in Ukraine

Our doctors are well aware about problems that a person may encounter in a vegetarian or vegan diet, understand the specifics of providing care without using products and ingredients of animal origin
Support in transition to vegetarianism and veganism
Аn individual balanced diet preparation

Vegetarianism and veganism lifestyle

What is innovative in our techniques?

We use a comprehensive method of treatment and diagnosis. For each patient we choose our individual path to health and wellness
The body as a whole system
Doctors always use an individual approach to each patient. Our technology allows to see all the processes in the body at the moment, analyzing it at the level of organs and cellulars, makes it possible to learn the true causes of imbalance in the body, as well as assign individual recommendations.
Detect the cause of the disease
The consultation of each of our specialists includes a comprehensive analysis of the state of your health. We determine the causes, not the symptoms.
At the consultation the patient receives clear and individually developed recommendations: correction of lifestyle, nutrition, psycho-emotional state and physical activity.
We only use safe, non-invasive and ecological therapies
In the basis of our work: modern, non-invasive, eco-friendly medical technology. Our technology based on the principle of information exchange between cells of the organism and the external environment. Treatment and diagnostics of information-wave method is carried out on the medical device. This device is a development of ukrainian scientists and certified in 3 countries.
Our team
Qualified doctors of various medical fields with extensive experience in classical and alternative medicine
Alexander Lutsenko
Chief Medical Officer. Candidate of Medical Science.
Alexander is a practicing doctor and responsible medical manager. He is a passionate and committed doctor who helps patients in modifying lifestyles in order to prevent illness and not just treat it.
Olga Lebid
Family doctor with 26 years of experience
Olga easily communicates with different patients - both adults and children.
She provides to patients of all ages who prefer an integrative approach to medicine. She approaches her work from a wholistic perspective, looking beyond symptoms and addressing cause.
Helen Taranenko
Doctor therapist, phytotherapy specialist
Helen has a wide experience of work with patients of various diseases. Her strength is the correction of nutrition and detox with safe methods. Her goal is to assist you in healing from within.
Olga Veremchuk
Family doctor, gynecologist
Olga will be able to find an approach to each patient. Knows all about the reproductive system and hormonal balance. She is exploring the important connections between health and vitality, relationships, lifestyle choices, work and environment.
Igor Yanchinsky
Neurologist, rehabilitation specialist, psychotherapist
Igor combines the knowledge of classical and alternative medicine. Specialist in psychosomatics and rehabilitation. The body's ability to perform, adapt, and heal naturally has always been of interest to Igor.
Victoria Fomenko
Family doctor, physiotherapist
Internships in leading clinics in Europe, the USA and Australia. 13 years of experience in classical, integrative medicine, using eco-friendly and naturopathic approach.
Christina Rzaeva
Nutrition expert, Holistic nutritionist, anti-aging specialist
Graduate of Lifestyle Medicine Diploma (USA). Specialist in preventive medicine and immunodietetics. Correcting imbalances by giving the body the right nutrients in the right amounts is the main focus of her treatment.
Oksana Zaya
Specialist in psychosomatics, psychologist
Oksana will help you understand your own mind, body, behavior and relationships. Uses only naturopathic techniques in her practice. She specializes in working from a somatic and humanistic standpoint helping each client find his or her own way to healing.


We provide a wide range of diagnostic, medical and health services including:
Therapist, family doctor
Complex whole body diagnostics
Our unique approach takes a holistic and science-based approach to health care, considering the whole person in the context of their lifestyle and environment. Prevention of diseases. Only natural and non-invasive treatments.
Accurate parasite diagnostics
Worms, fungi, pathogenic microflora are a common cause of many diseases. To diagnose the presence of parasites correctly and in time is an important task for the center's doctors.
Psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in psychosomatics
Psychosomatic disorder is a disease which involves both mind and body
Headaches, depression, panic attacks, problems with the gastrointestinal tract - all this is a reason to look at the disease from psychosomatics and psychology.
Therapist, family doctor
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases (allergies, bronchial asthma etc.)
Not only do we offer preventive and general wellness care, we treat chronic and acute conditions. The doctor will observe the patient and monitoring the course of the disease
Nutritionist, therapist, family doctor
Safe weight loss and weight gain. Detox
Balanced diet, weight loss and weight retention without harming. The doctor will correct diet and choose the safest way for your health. Naturopathic detox. The key to following detox routine is paying attention to what you are eating and drinking during the week.
Nutritionist, therapist, family doctor
We know how to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet without losing your mind or giving up
When transitioning to vegetarianism, it's necessary to find veggie-friendly doctor. Transitioning into a new way of eating should be slow and steady. We can help!

What we provide
We work together as a team and with you to diagnose and treat your health issues, supporting you to achieve your long-term health goals and empowering you to take an active preventative approach to your health and wellbeing.
We have the following specialists at I-MED:
- doctor therapist,
- family doctor,
- nutritionist,
- anti-aging specialist,
- naturopath,
- physiotherapist,
- integrated manual therapy,
- specialist in psychosomatics, psychologist.
Complex diagnostics of the whole organism
A detailed study of your body's condition:
- checking all organs and systems;
- identify the causes of diseases and how to eliminate them;
- determine the level at which the organs and systems work;
- potential and possibilities for harmonization;
- determines the presence of parasites, mycoses, pathogenic and opportunistic microflora;
- the first signs of the disease are determined even before their clinical manifestations;
- health recommendations are issued individually for you.

The individualized treatment plan will include nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and, when needed, supportive supplements and herbs to optimize health and healing.

For more information please call: +38 (068) 508-45-45
Correction session (treatment)
- impact on the cause of the disease by the info-wave signal at low frequencies;
- strengthening immunity;
- effects on mental health, relaxation and overall harmonization;
- effects on fungal microflora, viruses and parasites;
- safe detox.
Duration: about 1 hour
Price: from 600 UAH
Salt therapy
A salt therapy session runs for 45 minutes.
Вoost your mood, clear your stuffy nose, and give your skin a healthy glow.
A pleasant atmosphere and relaxing music will help you to relax and have a session in comfort. Choose a convenient option for you - one-time visit or a course of sessions.
Our doctors are ready to assist at home.
Our goal is to allow you having access to high quality integrative medical care at home: across Kyiv, Ukraine and abroad.
Feel free to contacts us by phone +38 (068) 508-45-45 or email:
We offer holistic services to address the root cause of disease prevention and chronic illness
Doctor expert
Doctor 1 category
Doctor 2 category
Full body diagnosis
2,5 hr
1725 uah
1500 uah
1200 uah
Full body diagnosis + treatment
(50% discount on first treatment)
3 hr
2125 uah
1900 uah
1500 uah
1 hr
800 uah
700 uah
600 uah
Doctors Consultations
Therapist consultation (first visit)
1 hr
450 uah
Therapist consultation (repeated visit)
1 hr
350 uah
Nutrition specialist, anti-aging specialist
1,5 hr
3180 uah
Psychotherapy treatment (first visit)
3 hr
800 uah
Psychotherapy treatment (repeated visit)
2 hr
700 uah
Osteopathy, integrated manual therapy
1 hr
700 uah

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